Consulting Hours

I’m an expert at WordPress, I’m easy to talk to, and I want to help fix all of your website, business, and marketing problems.

You give me a list of what you want accomplished. I get it done. Simple as that.

I Can Help You

  • I can tame your broken WordPress site.
  • I can find and fix that annoying problem that no one else has been able to solve for you.
  • I can set up your email marketing systems including email automations.
  • I can teach you how to use your site.
  • We can talk about best practices for blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, or other strategy issues.

Any days I’m working on your project(s), you will get a report of what was done on that day and how much time it took. (I use to track my time, it is a great tool).

My base rate is $65/hr. Order below to purchase and buy larger blocks to save. Feel free to schedule a call with me to talk about whether this is right for you.

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