Concierge Hosting

This is a premium managed hosting service combining web hosting and support/management for your website with optional development hours included.

Concierge Hosting currently includes the following for one website:

Included in All Packages

  • Daily offsite backups
  • Security updates - Regular updates to WordPress, installed Theme, and installed Plugins
  • Security scanning and malware removal.
  • SSL Certificate management
  • Managed Website Hosting. Hosting for your website. Server and Network (DNS) management. Ensure reliable site operation and uptime.
  • Site performance and caching optimizations. WordPress plugins that make your site run faster for better user experience and SEO ranking.
  • Email and Phone support - Help with problems, answers to "How To" questions. Does not count against Design Hours.

Included in Starter and Professional Packages

  • Website SEO setup
  • Google Analytics Reporting - Monthly report of Site Traffic and other measurable information.
  • Unlimited Uptime Support - If your site gos down, we will do everything possible to bring it back online.
  • Staging site - Clone/copy of your website. Test new features without affecting your live website.
  • Design/Development Hours - Monthly hours to implement action items or other services.
  • Monthly 15 minute concierge call. Discuss strategy and upcoming changes.

Security Package

  • 1 Site
  • 0 Design Hours
  • $200 Setup Fee (waived for existing customers)
  • $89/month
  • $890/year (pre-pay)

Starter Package

  • 1 Site
  • 1 Design Hours
  • $200 Setup Fee (waived for existing customers)
  • $130/month
  • $1,300/year (pre-pay)

Professional Package

  • 1 Site
  • 2 Design Hours
  • $200 Setup Fee (waived for existing customers)
  • $190/month
  • $1,900/year (pre-pay)

See Below for Payment Options


Q: How do Design Hours work?
A: There is no cost for answering questions, getting suggestions or other How-To advice. If you make a request that falls within Design Hours, you will be informed ahead of time before any work starts. Items to be completed are tracked using a shared board on and time is tracked to the minute using After each task using Design Hours is completed, you will get a report of what was completed and how much time is left for the month. In addition, if a task would go over the amount of time you have left, you will be informed before starting.

Q: Do unused Design Hours accumulate to the next month?
A: No, Design Hours are only good for the current month and don't accumulate. Consulting Hours, however are good, once purchased, until they are used up.

Q: What if I need more Design Hours?
A: The best plan is to purchase more hours from the Consulting Hours product. There are a number of blocks of hours available with larger blocks having a higher discount. Unlike Design Hours which don't carry over from month to month, Consulting Hours do not expire. You will get a detailed report of time used and remaining as Consulting Hours are used.

Q: How are backups restored?
A: In cases where the site has failed, the last good backup will be restored to a working state. In other cases, a backup restoration can be requested via email or phone.

Q: Is there an extra cost if I don't already have an SSL Security Certificate?
A: All sites that we host use free SSL Certificates from the "Let's Encrypt" platform. There is no cost for these SSL certificates nor for their renewal.

Q: What if I already have my website hosted elsewhere?
A: Concierge Hosting can maintain websites hosted elsewhere. As part of our setup process, we would be glad to migrate your web site to our hosting. If you have additional months pre-paid for at your current web host, we can migrate your site later once your current hosting expires at your convenience.

Q: Does Email and Phone support count against Design Hours?
A: Certainly not. You are always free to ask questions and report anything that seems broken. Or even just call to say hi.

Q: Does Concierge Hosting include SEO Services?
A: The Starter and Professional Package include initial setup of SEO using a standard WordPress SEO Plugin. However, the service does not include keyword research or other related tasks. We have some good free advice on good tools to use for that, though.

Q: How does the staging site work?
A: Once initial maintenance on your site is complete and backups are setup, a second website will be setup for testing purposes. This will be a copy of your live site. The advantage of a staging server is for experimenting and trying out things like a new plugin or to see if a plugin update will cause any problems before trying it on the live site. We will periodically update the staging site with the contents of the live site. We will not automatically migrate changes from staging to live. This is intended as a convenience to you as it is for us as we work on your site.

Q: How is the staging site named?
A: It will normally be your domain name with "staging" in front of it. For example, "". However we can choose at different name if you wish.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If you wish to cancel the service during a service month, you will be refunded the amount of pro-rated days left in that service month. However, it is your responsibility to migrate your website off of our hosting before you terminate service. A combination of Design Hours and possibly Consulting Hours can be used for this. (i.e. We will help you migrate to another provider if you wish).

Q: How do I cancel service?
A: Send an email or call and we will take care of it.