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Landing Pages

By Michael Helmke | November 9, 2018

I’ll be brief… Landing Pages are one of the best marketing investments you can make. Short, simple one page web sites. They deliver that single focused message your ideal customer needs to hear. Designed well, they can even be your entire company website. Catchy headline Info about your Biz And a form to collect contact info from your latest lead This product is all about building and hosting a landing page for you. Here is what you get. Consultation with me to understand your project Landing page created and setup with text and graphics you provide (Writing and graphics services available separately) Setup of domain name that you provide Custom Contact form or Email Opt-In form on landing page to collect customer info and send it your way Link to separate privacy page Basic SEO configuration Six months Basic Concierge Hosting included (includes daily backups and security monitoring) All of that for a mere $240 …

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Basic Website Builder

By Michael Helmke | October 15, 2018

If you are just starting out in your business or you only need a simple website, this is the product you want. In very many cases, the only website you need shows that your business exists, has a professional look, some straightforward messaging about what you do, and contact information. While this is called the “basic” service, you still get the great support and features you expect from the Digital Concierge.  We will sit down and talk in detail about your website needs, your audience, your message.  Your clients and customers will be able to contact you through the website and find out what it is that you do. The website prototype will be ready within the first month and then after a round of changes, it will be ready to launch.  It will be professionally hosted and maintained for the remainder of the year. The Basic Website Builder includes the following for one website/domain: Website …

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The Digital Concierge

By Michael Helmke | October 1, 2018

Overwhelmed Trying to Do It All? Let The Digital Concierge Help You Regain Your Balance The biggest mistake I see coaches make is trying to do everything themselves.  Helping clients, social media, updating your websites, building new courses, networking.  Doing all that yourself, something is sure to fall through the cracks. It’s rare to find anyone good at doing everything in their business. (Hint:  It’s never true.) Yet there’s always a short list of problems which, if solved, will make everything else so much easier. If this resonates with you, the Digital Concierge Service will help.  It’s focused on getting everything done that you don’t have time to complete yourself. You and I will work together to prioritize the most important items on your to-do list.  Then we will get them done in a series of collaborative work sessions. What can we do together? Start Selling a New Online Course Set up a Facebook Group …

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Website Builder

By Michael Helmke | September 24, 2018

I would love to help you get started with your new website. We will sit down and talk in detail about your needs for the website.  Who is your audience.  What message you need to convey to them.  Are you using the website to get new customers and let people know you are a professional at what you do?  Does your non-profit need to show donors all of the amazing ways you are helping your cause? We will continue talking and within the first month, a prototype of your website will be ready and then we can work together on fine tuning it.  It can launch when you feel it is ready and for the rest of the year, it will be professionally hosted and maintained and additional changes can be made as needed. My comprehensive services includes the following for one website/domain: Website with custom home page, about / contact us page, blog, and …

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Concierge Analytics

By Michael Helmke | September 13, 2018

You Know Your Business, Right? There are many ways to measure your business from tracking customer satisfaction, charting revenue, and customer service costs. You can measure time spent by people visiting your website, open rates on your MailChimp marketing emails, and engagement on your Facebook Page. Throw in Google AdWords or FaceBook Ads performance and you have a lot that you have to sift through. That is, if you are measuring things at all. It is hard to grow a business without goals and a way to measure those goals. It is equally hard not to be overwhelmed by all of the different reports from all of your different tools. Each is formatted differently, the reports often don’t align. How can you have confidence that you are reading everything right? What if there was a way to unify all of your reports so you could see at a glance what was happening in your business? …

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Concierge Hosting

By Michael Helmke | August 29, 2018

This is a premium managed hosting service combining web hosting and support/management for your website with optional development hours included. Concierge Hosting currently includes the following for one website: Included in All Packages Daily offsite backups Security updates – Regular updates to WordPress, installed Theme, and installed Plugins Security scanning and malware removal. SSL Certificate management Managed Website Hosting. Hosting for your website. Server and Network (DNS) management. Ensure reliable site operation and uptime. Site performance and caching optimizations. WordPress plugins that make your site run faster for better user experience and SEO ranking. Email and Phone support – Help with problems, answers to “How To” questions. Does not count against Design Hours. Included in Starter and Professional Packages Website SEO setup Google Analytics Reporting – Monthly report of Site Traffic and other measurable information. Unlimited Uptime Support – If your site gos down, we will do everything possible to bring it back online. Staging …

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Website Refresh

By Michael Helmke | July 10, 2018

If you have an existing website that has problems or you would just like a new / better design, this package is for you. I’ll take your current website and based on your input and feedback give it a new look and design to better suit your needs. Maybe you want to add e-commerce capabilities, I can do that too. I’ll get your website running smoothly. This is a one year service and includes maintenance, hosting, and ongoing changes that you need for that year. (After the first year, I recommend my Website Maintenance product). Current website migrated to new theme/design Website mobile and tablet optimized Assistance with updating content. Visitor E-Mail integration with marketing system (MailChimp, others) Google Analytics Integration to track customer behavior and sales conversions Website SEO Configuration Social Media Marketing features / Social Sharing SSL security certificate included (no-cost) Site hosting and maintenance included for entire term Migration from existing hosting …

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E-Commerce Website Builder

By Michael Helmke | July 9, 2018

I would love to help you get started with E-Commerce or take your current online store to the next level. I’m easy to talk to and I have experience with E-Commerce sites both large and small. My comprehensive services includes the following for one website/domain: Web store setup with custom home page, about / contact us page, blog, deals, and product pages for your products. Website mobile and tablet optimized. SSL Security Certificate for Site Site Security Management / PCI Compliance Daily offsite backups. Free restores and emergency response in case of system failures. Google Analytics Integration to track customer behavior and sales conversions. Website SEO configuration Credit card processor set-up ( recommended) Social Media Marketing features / Social sharing Ratings and Reviews for products Product search Product Coupons / Discounts Assistance setting up your products and product descriptions. Customer to provide art and photographic assets (I have other packages if you need help with …

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E-Commerce Consulting

By Michael Helmke | July 9, 2018

I would love to make your E-Commerce website run smoothly. I really enjoy that sort of thing. Plus, I’m easy to talk to and work with. I work with both WordPress and Shopify sites. Free assessment of site to identify additional issues that need to be addressed. Strategy discussions to reach sales goals Configuration of payment systems Configuration of shipping systems Integration with Inventory Control systems PCI Compliance Security Management Product Configuration Website refresh, hosting, and photography services available separately Any days I’m working on your project(s), you will get a report of what was done on that day and how much time it took. My base rate is $85/hr. Order below to purchase and buy larger blocks to save. Feel free to schedule a call with me to talk about whether this is right for you.

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Consulting Hours

By Michael Helmke | July 8, 2018

I’m an expert at WordPress, I’m easy to talk to, and I want to help fix all of your website, business, and marketing problems. You give me a list of what you want accomplished. I get it done. Simple as that. I Can Help You I can tame your broken WordPress site. I can find and fix that annoying problem that no one else has been able to solve for you. I can set up your email marketing systems including email automations. I can teach you how to use your site. We can talk about best practices for blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, or other strategy issues. Any days I’m working on your project(s), you will get a report of what was done on that day and how much time it took. (I use to track my time, it is a great tool). My base rate is $75/hr. Order below to purchase and …

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