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Hi, I'm Michael Helmke.  When you work with me, I'll become part of your team.  My speciality is making technology and business processes work smoothly. Whether this means setting up a new digital marketing campaign, refreshing the look of your website, or moving to a new web host, I have you covered.

  • E-Commerce
  • Online Donations
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Daily Backup/on Demand Recovery
  • Mailing List/MailChimp Integrations
  • Digital Marketing Programs
  • Website Design/Re-Design
  • Switching Hosting Providers / Hosting Sites
  • Setup Email Programs

Everyone Starts Here:

Every client has different needs and the first step is to find out what they are. In our discussions we will jointly discover what is and isn't working. What your short term pain points and long term goals are. Where you see your business or organization in 6 months time?

A key part of this process is thorough review of the problems you are trying to solve and a plan you can implement to improve those systems and processes. This Business Review is a plan and roadmap that shows you what you can do next and help you prioritize those efforts.

What is covered in the Business Review?

  • Understanding your true pain points & goals.
  • Review hosting and site performance.
  • Analysis of current Marketing programs and outreach.
  • Recommendations on website user experience and design.
  • Review of your website's search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Point out security issues and outdated practices.
  • Well planned steps to help you get in the path to a solution.
  • Review other areas based on request.

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